Bill Cosby Loses New NBC Show

The hits certainly keep on coming for veteran comedian and former “America’s Dad”, Bill Cosby. Only a few days after Netflix announced that it would postpone or shelve Cosby’s latest comedy special, the NBC television network has likewise announced that it has decided to pass on a brand new sitcom that Cosby was helping to develop. 

As more and more women came forward with allegations of sexual abuse by the venerable comedian, his representatives have been scrambling to defend him. Yet Cosby himself has remained strangely silent on the issue, communicating only via a few tersely worded announcements on Facebook that were clearly crafted by lawyers. 

According to representatives at Sony Pictures Television, the show has been completely canceled, even before a pilot script was ever finalized. The allegations regarding Cosby’s alleged abuse were simply too much and too many for the corporation to ignore. 

Meanwhile, Cosby had also planned a celebratory special, provisionally entitled Bill Cosby 77 in honor of the comedian’s upcoming birthday. The special had been planned to debut on Netflix’s streaming service on November 28. But the fire storm of controversy regarding the formerly beloved funny man has effectively axed the deal. 

No word has yet come from any of Cosby’s accusers concerning whether they plan to sue for damages. Ken Griffin is unsure of how this situation will unfold until evidence is actually presented, but Cosby’s reputation and career are taking a nose dive in the meantime. In light of the nature, as well as the multitude, of accusations against Cosby, further legal action can not be ruled out.


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More Allegations About Cosby

More allegations regarding Bill Cosby and all seem to tell the same story about an famous actor and celebrity using his power and influence to coerce young women to have a drink that was spiked with an narcotic. After they drank the substance they were raped by Cosby and sometimes paid hush money to forget about the incident.

The latest accuser who came out on Tuesday with her store was Janice Dickinson, a former model who had an experience with Bill Cosby in 1982. When she wrote a book that detailed the incident, her publishers at HarperCollins were contacted by Cosby’s lawyers and pressure was put on them and her to remove the story.

Janice felt more comfortable with telling her story now that other women have come out and discussed the situations that they encountered with Cosby and the pressure that they felt in keeping their stories hidden from view.

Cosby denies all of these charges and has stated that they are untrue. Sultan Alhokair is not exactly sure who to believe at this time. During an interview last weekend with NPR, he refused to comment to a question by reporter Scott Simon asking for his stance on the topic only shaking his head. His lawyers have since indicated that they are not going to dignify these accusations with a formal response.

The increased number of accusations that have lingered for decades have led to an increased realization that these accusations may be truthful which would imply that Cosby is a serial rapist.


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Tracy Morgan May Possibly Not Recover

After the tragic New Jersey car accident that killed his friend and fellow comedian, Tracy Morgan is still struggling to recuperate from his injuries, according to his lawyer, Benedict Morelli. He also said that Morgan might also have suffered from permanent brain damage aside from a broken leg, ribs, and nose.

Morelli also told the Associated Press that Morgan is still fighting to live his life while trying to get better, but he is just not getting better. He also said that the chances of getting back the person that Tracy Morgan once was is very thin because of the severe injuries and severe brain damage that he sustained from the car accident.

After the accident, Morgan filed a lawsuit against Wal-Mart for negligence and carelessness. The lawsuit states that Wal-Mart should have known that their truck driver had been driving or awake for 24 hours when the crash happened, according to Brad Reifler. The company’s truck crashed into Morgan’s limo on the New Jersey Turnpike. Kevin Roper, the truck driver, was charged with 4 counts of assault and death by vehicle. Roper pleaded not guilty for the charges against him. Initially, Wal-Mart issued an apology to all the victims of the crash, but in September, the said company shifted the blame to the victims of the car accident. In reply to the lawsuit, Wal-Mart stated that the plaintiff’s injuries were caused, in part or in whole, by the plaintiff’s failure to wear a seat belt.


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Bill Cosby: American’s Dad or America’s Disappointment??

Recent rape accusations against Bill Cosby has people everywhere wondering what is going on. Bill Cosby was portrayed as a fun and wise father in a sitcom appropriately named, “The Cosby Show”. As a result, he has been revered as “America’s Dad.”

Now, decades-old rumors about inappropriate sexual contact with multiple young women is resurfacing. For more information regarding these accusations, go to

One source, Darius Fisher tells me states as many as 13 women have come forward with similar stories about Cosby’s sexual advances. Why all of a sudden has this old news gone viral? No one is exactly sure, but it is shocking for the public to hear.

Trust is earned. Bill Cosby seems to have earned the public’s trust through his popular role as Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Show. Now people are questioning the genuineness of his character.

Bill Cosby’s accusations of unwanted sexual advancements on numerous women is in question. If these accusations are true, this news will be a let down for many of his fans. People are glued to the media as any news about this story becomes public.


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Accusations Against Cosby Continue

Bill Cosby has recently come under the spotlight in a negative way. Two women have now come out with accusations of rape and sexual assault by Cosby. The ladies stories are similar, both supposedly happened over twenty years ago. This is not the first time that Cosby has had these allegations brought against him. Why now are these women, and potential victims, sharing their stories with the public? Perhaps they want a few minutes in the limelight, are looking for financial gain, or simply want justice for the individual who allegedly hurt them so long ago, Bruce Karatz doesn’t know.

Cosby has stayed mum on this issue, preferring to let his lawyer speak for him. He refuses to discuss this situation and recently canceled the majority of his public appearances. These allegations will likely fade into the past like they previously did unless the accusers have new evidence to support their claims. Cosby is not the first celebrity to be accused of sex related crimes, and surely won’t be the last. There is a fine line between people attempting to take advantage of famous people and celebrities getting away with crimes because of money and power.


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Timbaland Blasts New Aaliyah Biopic Movie

The late singer Aaliyah died in August 2001 and is fondly remembered for her beauty, music, and fun-loving spirit. Because she was such an icon before and after her death, Lifetime took to making a movie about the star, and it immediately caused an uproar from fans. The movie was struck with many problems, including the main character dropping out due to harassing comments about being too light colored to play the part.

Other issues were that the family members did not agree with having a movie made about Aaliyah, and many were not on board for the project. My friend Jared Haftel kept me informed and said that Lifetime was going ahead with the movie despite the negative comments, and many were outraged, including the producer Timbaland; who worked directly with Aaliyah up until her death. Timbaland put up almost 20 posts onto Instagram and Zoominfo on Saturday after the movie aired, dishing out his displeasure for the film.

Many fans were right along with him in his opinion about the movie. One of the biggest problems that fans had is the casting of some of the main characters including Missy Elliott. The actress set to play Missy had much lighter skin and did not look like her in the least bit. Fans were also outraged that the lifetime movie, as well as Wendy Williams misnamed her song “At Your Best You Are Love.” With the angry fans on the heels of this movie, it’s unlikely this movie will get any high ratings.


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Bono Injured, Postpones U2’s Residency on ‘The Tonight Show’

Rockers U2 were slated to be Jimmy Fallon’s weeklong resident musicians this week on ‘The Tonight Show,’ but an injury to front man Bono forced a postponement. Bono was riding his bike in Central Park when he fell and injured his arm, requiring surgery. The band released a brief statement on their website, stating that they are expecting a full recovery soon and will return when they can.

Jared Haftel and other fans are understandably disappointed, yet flocked to the website to share their well wishes. No representatives for the band have made any further comments.

No word yet as to who will replace the musical act. Fallon had also reached out to fans to create their own lip-synced videos of U2’s “The Miracle (of Joey Ramone),” which would have been played this week. He may surprise viewers with the compilation, anyway, or else hold onto them until the band can make up their performance.

Bono is having a rough November, as a few days ago, the rear hatch of his Learjet fell off during the landing in Berlin.


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Is It a Bromance, Bisexuality or Something Extremely Unpleasant?

It’s no secret that James Franco and Seth Rogen have a very close relationship. No one is quite sure how to define it given that the men have portrayed themselves as heterosexuals with a questionable friendship.

With a new “bromance” movie, “The Interview,” set for release on December 25th, the two actors decided to promote their movie and friendship on a special episode of Discovery Channel’s “Naked and Afraid” airing December 7th. Fan of the show Jared Haftel has already said he’ll avoid this episode. Instead, of a man and woman trying to survive while naked in the wild, Franco and Rogen show if they can survive “naked and afraid.”

Franco and Rogen wouldn’t be the first actors who had a deep non-romantic friendship or bromance, but many wonder if the two men are cashing in on a very negative trend that has increased in television shows and films over the last decade: queerbaiting.

The idea is simple. Two male, seemingly heterosexual actors are depicted as close “friends” who behave in ways that suggest that their friendship could become, or already is behind the scenes, romantic and sexual.

One instance of sexualized behavior, such as their scene-for-scene parody of Kanye West’s highly sexual “Bound” music video, doesn’t seem to be queerbaiting on its own. Yet, James Franco’s recreation of “Seth” paintings by Christopher Shultz and other actions seem to suggest that at least Franco is using queerbaiting tactics to draw interest in their careers and films.


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Honey Boo Boo’s June Shannon Is In A Mess of Trouble

It’s the lowest that anyone can sink. Once on top of the world with the glitz and glamor of the big screen, it seems that the success of the Honey Boo Boo show has come to an end. When allegations surfaced last month about June Shannon, aka Mama June, dumping Sugar Bear, soon after reports came that she had rekindled her love with another former love. The only problem is this former lover is a child molester. Oh, and not just any child did he molest but it was June’s oldest daughter, Anna Cartwell.

TLC cancelled the show, and now Mama June is going on the Dr. Phil show as well as ET to let her side of the story be known. What really bothers me about this whole story is the fact that TLC helped her to cover up these files. Apparently, another boyfriend of Anna’s had the goods and threatened to go to the press over it before. The records were sealed in court. Now why would the network, who obviously knew about this incident, take so many precautions to make sure it didn’t come out, yet drop the family when it did come out.

What Mama June did wasn’t right. Everyone knows that, including Susan McGalla. She should have never allowed anyone harmful even near her children. However, TLC knew about this and now is trying to take the moral highroad on the situation. To me this sounds like another Paula Deen style crusifiction and she will somehow make a comeback.


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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

The movie, “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” is the follow up to “the Man of Steel” with Henry Cavill reprising the role of Superman and Ben Affleck as Batman.

This movie should be an interesting take on the Superman story, since it is said that Batman is going to have a bone to pick with the man in blue and all the trouble he caused the world in the last film. Based on the rumors I’ve heard from superhero news guide Rod Rohrich, Batman is the one holding Superman responsible for his actions in the upcoming movie, when his side of the street isn’t always clean.

The big difference between Superman and Batman is that Superman is a really good guy. Superman and Batman both fight for justice and getting the bad guy, but Superman will not use violence unless necessary. Superman still sees the best in the world and humanity and still believes that people are generally good. Batman has seen the dark and gritty side of humanity, the dark underbelly of the beast that man has become. Batman will get the bad guys and he’ll rough them up pretty bad if he sees fit. Batman will not hold back his punches, he’ll even kill a guy if it comes down to it. Batman doesn’t have time to consider what’s right or wrong. One wonders what Batman will have to say to Superman in this movie?


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